Whirlpool’s Stylish And Versatile New Microwave Combi

Whirlpool has added a sophisticated new model – the FT 381 SL, to its Family Chef series of microwaves .

The FT 381 SL is a freestanding model with a distinctive space age look, created in silver with smart black controls.

This microwave combi model features electronic controls, 28 litre capacity, side opening door and a 32.5cm turntable.

The combination oven includes a fan cooking arrangement that can be used either on its own or along with the 1000W microwave to turn out a superb result in a fraction of the time taken by a conventional oven.

Other cooking functions include the Jet PreHeat, Whirlpool Jet Start and Jet Menu Crisp™.  

The patented Crisp™ feature uses the unique Crisp™ plate and 1000W Quartz grill, in conjunction with the 3D microwave, to reach the required high temperatures to fry, bake and crisp food in just minutes.

There is also an excellent steam setting, which is ideal for producing quick tasty and healthy meals very quickly.

In addition, the intelligent Jet Defrost system auto-defrosts about seven times quicker than a standard microwave. The unique Bread Defrost function defrosts bread with ease.

The microwave interior is non-stick and coated with Microban® antibacterial action, to prevent the propagation of bacteria, which means the appliance is very hygienic and can be easily cleaned without using chemicals.

For more information about Whirlpool’s Family Chef microwave ovens, go to the website.

Telephone for stockists:   (0208) 649 5000.

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