IKEA’s Winter Wonderland Style Tableware For Christmas

IKEA has introduced Winter Wonderland tableware for Christmas, with a snow theme, to stimulate your festive settings for the dinner table.

The new JULFINT and SKÄCK dinnerware and serve ware, present different snowflake designs created by Lisa Ullenius and Sissi Edholm.

Both JULFINT and SKÄCK are dishwasher and microwave safe, making cleaning up and reheating leftovers easier.

The JULFINT bowls and plates depict white snowflakes printed on clear glass, just perfect for mixing with other coloured pieces.

SKÄCK bowls are made of white coloured glazed stoneware and there are also JULFINT table-runners and mugs to match the settings.

Pictured here are the JULFINT paper napkin priced at £2 per 30 pack. JULFINT 100% cotton table-runner £TBC. JULFINT series – tempered glass bowl at £2 each; side plate £3 each and mug £2 each.

And should you be surprised by the arrival of extra guests, carry on with the supply of food and drinks in style, with the JULFINT silver snowflake patterned paper plates and throw away mugs to ensure quick and easy cleaning up.

JULFINT Paper collection. Designed by: L Ullenius and S Edholm: Disposable mug priced at £1.25 per 10 pack; Paper side plates £1.25 per 10 pack and Paper plates £2.50 for a10 pack.

Prefer an alternative to snow, then choose the matching musical note design, on the JULFINT plates, tins and the GODIS MIX glasses.

The musical notes don’t produce a known song, but they could encourage a merry tune or two.

Visit the website, for further information and more IKEA Christmas tableware inspiration.

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