Carrol Boyes Creates Unique Functional Art

Carrol Boyes Creates Unique Functional Art Carrol Boyes the South African artist and designer, has created a unique functional art form by combining her inspirational gifts with the beauty of pewter.

Carrol’s growing portfolio of metalwork sculptures consists of innovative and distinctive items, which fulfill a practical use as well as being eye-catching talking pieces and would fit comfortably into even the grandest of homes.

The Quattro Bowl set of four crafted in aluminium featured here, is a fine example of her creative skills. Priced at £205.

Carrol’s portfolio consists of cleverly handcrafted combinations of pewter, aluminium and stainless steel cutlery, stylish bowls, vases, leather ware, tableware and clocks, any of which would make ideal and unusual gifts.

Carrol explains the root of her passion: “Pewter is a forgotten, old-fashioned metal. It’s great fun to work with and when it’s polished looks like silver.”

Carrol has expanded her repertoire with the addition of items in aluminium and stainless steel, each bringing its own special qualities.
Stainless steel is used for pieces that require being hard-wearing and dishwasher-proof, while large bowls and vases are fashioned in aluminium for its qualities of lightness and strength.

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