Simply Beautiful New Glass Vases From Rosendahl

Simply Beautiful New Glass Vases From RosendahlRosendahl is launching three new vases in their popular Filigran range designed by Lin Utzon, which are unlike anything she has ever created before.

Her hallmark has always been flowers and garlands intertwined in discreet or milky-white sand-blasted patterns.
However, these new hand-blown Filigran vases, have nothing “filigree” about them, as they have no pattern whatsoever and portray only simplicity itself, with elegant form and colour.

Lin Utzon’s latest artistry in glassware is in the darkest, deepest black, the most elegant imaginable ivory and the most exquisite shade of white; three classic illustrations of the assertion that “you’ll never believe how beautiful colours can be until you have seen them with your own eyes”.

The base of each vase is transparent glass and the effect is awe-inspiring; it’s as if Lin Utzon has given her creations the freedom to float in the air, despite their intrinsic weight.

The vases are 16 cm high and will be available from April 2007.
Retail price is £26.95 each.
Tel:    (01252) 377900

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