Confetti Vases from Rosendahl

Confetti Glass Vases from RosendahlThese new glass vases from Rosendahl show the elegant talent of their designer Lin Utzon.

The vases (and matching votives) are hand-blown, and the different patches of colour that adorn the vases are placed on individually, making each one a unique glass sculpture in its own right.

Lin has chosen 5 colours and colour combinations for the Confetti vases, including lime green, blue, white and orange.

Each vase is 16cm tall and is hand-blown in clear glass – it comprises three coalescing glass rings that fan out from a 6cm wide base to an opening of more than 14cm.

The price of the Confetti vase is £36.95, and the votive is £16.95.

tel: (0113) 201 8888

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