The Magic Of A Family Christmas With Susie Watson

The Magic Of A Family Christmas With Susie Watson There is something about the ceramics, textiles, glasses and decorations created by Susie Watson Designs that fill a family Christmas with the magic that normally belongs to childhood memories.

Maybe it’s the festive colours and traditional designs, or just because every tablecloth, napkin, candlestick and jug is made by hand.

Perhaps it’s just that Susie Watson Designs look their best when they are all mixed up together.

A real family Christmas has so many different ingredients, that it has a life of its own – there is no secret formula. Maybe that’s why mixing your favourite Susie Watson Designs with some of the more Christmassy patterns, automatically make the big day come alive:

  • When you are laying the table, get the children to help you choose which designs to put together.
  • With no need for things to match, an individual bowl or mug makes a perfect Christmas present – and better still it can be used immediately on Christmas day.
  • Featured here are the Multi Star Candlestick, £27.50 Christmas Ceramics, from £13, Christmas Decorations, from £3.

Susie Watson Designs is a small but growing, making beautiful handmade products for the home. It has a simple philosophy – that the things we use every day should bring us pleasure.

Susie Watson founded the company in 2004. Championing traditional craftsmanship, the company creates handmade products without making any compromises. Every piece ends up looking exactly as Susie envisaged – regardless of how difficult or time-consuming that may be.

Each piece of Susie Watson’s handmade pottery looks beautiful on its own – but will also mix beautiful with all the other designs. The different patterns and colours were designed to mix and match to create a glorious patchwork of pottery and the table linen has been dyed to pick up the colours.
Everyone can create their own look by combining different patterns and colours.

To view many more charming Susie Watson Christmassy designs, please visit the website.

Tel: (020) 7228 9955 for stockists.

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