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Gillian Montegrande founded the award-winning website Made by Hands of Britain, to promote and support the recent revival of both contemporary and traditional art and craft.

The website brings together over 200 of Britain’s finest artisans under one virtual roof, to offer discerning customers an exclusive collection of beautiful and expertly crafted items, for everyday use or for exciting gifts.

Made by Hands of Britain, have recently welcomed several notable established and emerging artists and craftspeople, to its online artisan boutique and community.

Well-known new artists include: Bronagh Kennedy, Mary Kaun English, Julia Crossland, Ruth McLees and Caroline Watts.

London-based Bronagh Kennedy, creates limited edition art prints of the built and natural environment, inspired by her career as an urban designer.

Julia Crossland artist and illustrator produces coastal inspired paintings and colourful naïve art on canvas and with textiles.

Ruth McLees uses resin and acrylic glazes, to paint figures onto vintage textile and furnishing fabrics. Her ethereal figures merge into the pattern of their surroundings.

Mary Kaun-English’s Ceramics pieces will appeal to sculpture lovers and collectors alike. Her hand built clay vessels and sculptures are crafted and then fired, not in a kiln but in a pit, exposing the porous clay directly to the

Caroline Watts Embroidery, run by a Mother and Daughter team in rural North Yorkshire, produce charming pieces using the finest linen and threads in their embroidered pictures and home accessories.

Gillian Montegrande, founder of commented:
“The move toward gracing our homes with beautiful, well-made items is becoming increasingly evident, as we seek to make more considered and authentic purchases”.

Objects from across the art and craft spectrum can be found on the site, ranging from visual arts pieces and sculpture, to jewellery and luxurious textiles and furnishings, couture clothing, interior furniture and accessories, to bird houses, garden structures, tools and ornaments, to delectable handmade cupcakes, chocolates, liqueurs and cheeses.

Visit the website, to see inspirational works by the above mentioned and other artists and craftspeople.

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