Takes Care Of All Your Wine Needs Takes Care Of All Your Wine Needs is a must visit website for those looking for a perfect gift for a wine lover, or a collector of vintage wine trying to find the ideal storage solution..

Winecorner supplies everything for wine enthusiasts, from accessories and gifts that start at less than £5:00, through to a variety of wine storage solutions for the home, including a fully-fitted, bespoke wine cellar that can hold hundreds of bottles in optimum conditions for long-term storage.

The company has now teamed up with an independent wine merchant, which enables them to satisfy an increasing demand for a complete, one-stop-shop service online from

Exciting monthly offers are available, of wines specially selected to suit the season. These range from those ideal for everyday drinking, through to the finest of wines suitable for a special occasion.

The minimum order is a case of 12 bottles that can be mixed and it will be delivered direct to your door.

Wine Corner also provides wine cellar construction services as well as consultancy, project management and design. Almost any free available space in your home can be used; for example the cellar of your house if you have one, your attic, an outbuilding or even your garage.

For further information about how can take care of all your wine needs, please visit the website
Tel: (0845) 301 6617

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