Innovative Roof Windows Add Height Without Additional Width.

FAKRO High Pivot Windows

The new FAKRO FYP-V proSky® and FDY-V Duet proSky high pivot windows, offer the possibility to add additional height to the window area within a standard rafter width.

A ground-breaking hinge mechanism provides a raised pivot point for the sash, which enables even tall people to stand in an open window.
The amount of natural daylight thus provided could only be achieved otherwise, using windows in a vertical combination, or by having wider windows.

The ability to fit FYP-V proSky roof windows within standard rafter widths avoids possible structural implications involved in cutting joists.
They offer an extended height of up to 180cm and have their pivot point in the top third of the frame, thanks to a unique system of counterbalancing.

The lower part of the sash therefore, functions effectively as a top hung window and can be left open at any point between 0 and 45°.
When rotated through 160° the windows can also be locked in position for washing, while the operating handle is positioned in the base of the sash and offers a two-step micro-opening facility.

FDY-V Duet proSky windows, feature an additional non-opening sash within a single frame, which enables the window height to be extended to 206cm.

The sash has laminated glass for added safety so even children can take advantage of views provided by the extended glazing span.

Previously, such a glazing area could only have been achieved through vertical combinations using 30cm width connectors rather than the proSky joining element of just 15cm.

These windows are also fitted with V40P automatic air vents, which provide a balance of fresh air while avoiding unnecessary heat loss.

They also benefit from the topSafe system, FAKRO’s unique system of hinge and lock reinforcement, which provides greatly increased burglary resistance.

Other manufacturers’ windows can be opened with little more than foot pressure, but topSafe prevents timber being split, locks being broken or hinges being ruptured.

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