Bring Down Your Energy Bills By Installing Secondary Glazing

Ecoease Secondary Glazing

British Gas has recently announced a 15% increase in gas bills for next winter; yet another reminder for UK households to take action, to protect themselves against ever-increasing energy costs.

Also recent statistics show that over 400,000 households in the UK have been pushed into fuel poverty as a result of previous price rises, taking the total to just short of 4 million.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways of bringing down energy bills is by installing secondary glazing.

There are several secondary glazing suppliers, including Ecoease, which offers a saving of up to 20% in like for like quarterly energy bills, as well as claiming a considerable reduction in noise pollution and condensation:

  • Ecoease secondary glazing, offers a flexible and reasonably priced product that costs around 10% of the cost of installing double-glazing.
  • It is the only glazing product in the UK market place, manufactured from clear PET (Polyester) panels, which are installed using magnetic tape around the inside window frame.
  • Ecoease offers energy savings on a par with double-glazing, as well as being lighter and significantly stronger than glass and other plastic alternatives.

John Feely, Director with the West Yorkshire-based firm, commented: “As more and more people are pushed into fuel poverty, the need to make homes more cost efficient and effective when it comes to heat loss becomes ever more important.

“We are the only UK secondary glazing supplier to use PET, a high strength product used for aircraft windows and it offers significant advantages, such as an extremely good fire rating, over more commonly used materials such as acrylic. It is also the most recycled plastic worldwide.

“We offer both a DIY and a ‘Measure 2 Fit’ solution through our own website and other retail sites,” added John.

Around 20% of heat escapes through uninsulated windows making them a major cause of energy inefficiency within the home.

For more details on the Ecoease secondary glazing solution, please visit the website.

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