Garden Lighting With Ease From RF Lighting UK

Garden Lighting With Ease From RF Lighting UKRF UK Limited has launched a new series of light fittings for outdoor use that makes it simple to light the garden without professional assistance, in recognition that more people are now keen to install garden lights both for decoration and security.

The company has joined forces with the manufacturer Markslöjds of Sweden, to bring ‘The Chrissline Garden System’ to the UK; the system features a large selection of light fittings and accessories, all of which can be easily inter-connected.

The real benefit of The Chrissline Garden System’ is the simplicity of installation and extension of outdoor lighting, so that anyone can do it.

Normally a relatively large investment from home owners is required to install outdoor lighting, but now you just need to decide where is best to place the lighting, both to enhance the beauty of the garden and for security.

The garden lights are simply pushed into the ground with the fitted practical spears and then easily linked together with the cabling system; there is no need for bulky transformers, the use of an electrician, or to bury the cables – you just plug it into a power socket!

Andy Williams-Ferns, MD of RF UK Limited says “The simplicity of the Chrissline System combined with it’s quality and design, has led to a very positive reaction to this innovative new product”

All products are IP rated IP44 for external use in all weathers.

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