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ChapelWood’s Energy Boosting Food For Fledglings

Feeder for fledgling birds

ChapelWood's Fledgling Feeder.

The long awaited spring is almost here, so it wont be long before fledgling birds will be fledging and learning to take to the sky.

ChapelWood’s supply a range of energy boosting, nutritionally balanced foods that are ideal for providing the birds with the much needed energy throughout this important time.

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Nature’s Feast Call Upon Bird Lovers For Nest Box Week


Nature’s Feast, one of the UK’s leading wild bird care brands, are celebrating Nest Box Week 2011 by offering top tips for the nesting season and a chance to win a FREE Nature’s Feast Nest Box.

Nest Box Week 14th February 2011
Nest Box Week is launched on Valentine’s Day every year, with the aim of encouraging people to put up nest boxes to help protect wild birds, as many nesting sites are fast disappearing, due to gardens and woods diminishing.

By putting up a nest box in your garden, you can not only help with valuable conservation, but you will also have the pleasure of seeing wild birds from the comfort of your home.

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Trellis Bird Habitat at Ideal Home Show

Trellis Tower Sparrow Habitat at Daily Mail Ideal Home Show

Here is another ingenious concept product from the Concept Products Awards Scheme at the Ideal Home Show – The Trellis Tower by Jonny Wray, age 22, from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University.

The Trellis Tower is a sparrow habitat designed to attract more sparrows into urban gardens by providing safe and protected nesting boxes.

It is a wall-mounted tower which creates a community for the birds, providing shelter in the multiple bird boxes.

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