The Solar Kettle New To The UK From The Glow Company

The Glow Company has introduced the Solar Kettle, a novel new product for the UK market.

The Solar Kettle is an innovative eco friendly solar appliance that catches and stores the sun’s energy, enabling you to boil water while you are in direct sunlight and also keep liquids at a constant temperature right through the day.

It even works in overcast conditions apart from boiling the water, which requires direct sunlight, however it does keep liquids hot.

The Solar Kettle is robustly put together, including an internal thermal vacuum tube, made from a heat-resistant toughened borosilicate glass.

This tubing takes up the sun’s energy and converts it to the heat for boiling the kettle and keeping the liquid hot.

The transparent outer tube is cold to touch, even though it holds boiling water, due to the very efficient insulation properties of the inner vacuum.

The Solar Kettle also features reflective wings, which when opened have the effect of boosting the efficient capture of the energy required, by as much as 3 times more than a standard solar product, thus maximising the possible collection of energy at any one time.

After use, the wings are simply folded away, to return the kettle to the appearance of an ordinary thermal flask.

The Solar Kettle is so portable, compact and lightweight that enables you to take it anywhere with you, such as camping, hiking and walking, canoeing, or to picnics and the beach.

Additional uses for the Solar kettle might include, heating things like noodles, soups, or other snack foods that just need boiled water.

Why not use it everyday in your kitchen, to receive maximum benefit from this innovative, functional and handy product?

The kettle measures L 46cm’s, W 1.2kg and incorporates a stand for convenient use. Capacity is 500ml, Approx. 3 cups.

Available in both blue and red direct from The Glow Company, priced at £39.95.

For more information about The Solar Kettle from The Glow Company, go to the website.

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