The Gourmet Tea Machine From Silvernutmeg

The Gourmet Tea Machine From SilvernutmegDid you know that making the ‘perfect’ cup of tea is a science with water quality, temperature, tea type and infusion times all playing key roles?

Apparently the only way to experience this perfection, is with a Gourmet Tea Machine from Silvernutmeg; this amazing invention combines the science of tea making with cutting-edge technology, resulting in perfectly brewed fine teas time after time.

The Gourmet Tea Machine has seven different settings and is fully programmable for all types of tea, water temperature and infusion times.

Best of all, with a 24 hour programmable timed starter, you can select a delayed starting time, or set the Gourmet Tea Maker to come on at any time during the day!

Manufactured to the highest standard at an affordable price, the Gourmet Tea Machine would make an ideal Christmas gift! Priced at £149.00.

Tel: (01254) 820 478

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