Britannia Now Offers Its Chef Top As A Separate Product

Chef TopBritannia the leading UK specialist in kitchen appliances has now launched its Chef Top as a separate product.

Previously the Chef Top was only accessible to those buying a Britannia range-cooker, however, in response to increasing consumer demand, this appliance is now available for separate purchase.

The Chef Top is a particularly healthy cooking choice, as it permits excess oil and fat to flow away from the food, whilst the flavour is sealed in by the heat.

This excellent accessory can appreciably broaden the variety of foods that can be produced in the home. It is proving to be a popular choice for those who take pleasure in entertaining, as it transforms the preparation of modest food into a culinary spectacle.

The Chef Top is based on the Teppanyaki cooking style; it’s a solid stainless steel hotplate, five-millimetre thick that can cook anything from vegetables to meat, including a complete English breakfast.

Those who already have a Britannia range-cooker and new customers, are urged by the company to think about the Chef Top as an easy way to add to their cooking experience

The Chef Top can be fixed to all of the current Britannia range-cookers with gas hobs. The 120cm Fleet and Delphi models also incorporate a stainless steel griddle that can be employed in a similar way to the Chef Top.

For more information and to view the full range of Brittania range-cookers visit the website.

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