The Growhouse – A Mini Greenhouse Range From Access.

Raised Base With Half Growhouse.

The Half Growhouse On Raised Base.

The Growhouse a mini greenhouse from Access, will provide you with most of the benefits of a full size greenhouse in your garden, in a smaller space and at a reasonable price…

The Growhouse full and half size Growhouses, designed to stand on a patio, gravel or soil, are perfect for use all year round; they can even be used in conjunction with a grow bag.

Bring on plants and seedlings in spring, grow healthy tomatoes and peppers during summer, or even develop salads and new potatoes.

Growhouses offer a secure atmosphere for your young plants:

  • The integrated sliding doors and top glass supply particularly adaptable ventilation options and because they are built from architectural aluminium and toughened safety glass (five times stronger than horticultural glass), the panes will endure even the roughest weather.
  • The Growhouse can be moved around the garden without difficulty; used with the new aluminium table to minimise bending, or with the sustainably sourced new wooden raised bed, for your crops grown in soil.
  • The standard Growhouse includes, two wide shelves and two narrow shelves for pots and seed trays, which can also be easily removed or folded flat, to accommodate taller plants like tomatoes.
  • Featured here is the half Growhouse with raised bed base. This smaller, half-height version is comprised of one wide and one narrow seed tray shelf.

Prices and measurements:

Standard Growhouse – £279. Length: 3’11” (1.21m) Height: 4′ 11″ (1.49m) Depth: 2′ 2″ (0.65m).
Half Growhouse – £189. Length: 3’11” (1.21m) Height: 2′ 8″ (0.82m) Depth: 2′ 2″ (0.65m).
Half Growhouse Table – £114. Length: 3’11” (1.21m) Height: 2′ 6″ (0.76m) Depth: 2′ 2″ (0.65m).
Raised Base £99. Base Length: 1.27m Base Height: 0.36m Base Depth: 0.71m.

The Growhouse aluminium framework comes with a 25year guarantee.

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