Grow A Bumper Crop Of Tomatoes With Ease.

 Grow A Bumper Crop Of Tomatoes With Ease. Why not embrace the Grow-Your-Own lifestyle to celebrate British Tomato Week (15 – 22 May)?

Botanico the award winning Grow-Your-Own and eco product supplier, offers a great range of garden accessories that are ideal to help you grow an abundant crop of tomatoes.

Tomatoes are straightforward to grow and produce a multipurpose ingredient for salad soups, pizza and sauces.

They are an excellent source of Vitamins A, C and recent research has shown that the pigment lycopene, which makes most ripe tomatoes red, may be particularly active in protecting the body against heart disease and some forms of cancer.

Growing your own crop of tomatoes couldn’t be easier!

Grow bags are a handy way to produce a wide range of home grown fruit and vegetables including tomatoes:

  • The Botanico Grow Bag Watering Pots, RRP £9.99 for a set of three,( in our picture)-are a quick and easy way of watering plants in growbags: Simply fill the reservoir and leave it to drip feed your plants, to ensure your tomato plants stay hydrated.
  • Once the plants start to grow taller, the Grow Bag Cane Set – Quick Fit – RRP £6.99, is perfect for supporting the plants.
  • Botanico’s Tomato Greenhouse – will generate better results on a sunny patio or balcony. It’s the perfect size for grow bags and eyelets in the top of the clear plastic cover, also permit bamboo canes to be put in for support and the full length, double zip door will help to increase ventilation.
  • Also of interest, is the Let’s Grow.Tomatoes Upside Down Tomato Planter, – which is a growbag that can be hung above a patio – making it ideal for gardens where space is scarce -suitable for growing tomatoes, chilli and courgettes.

Botanico products are available through home and garden retailers in the UK.

For more information on the full range of Botanico products, please visit the website.

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