Silver Lining on Heating Costs with EcoGlaze

 Silver Lining on Heating Costs with EcoGlaze The enthusiasm of pensioners Elisabeth and Peter Hey, when you ask them about secondary glazing is based on recent experiences, and the knowledge that their monthly fuel bills have dropped significantly.

Elisabeth said: “We noticed our energy bills go through the roof, when our energy provider disbanded a tariff that was introduced specifically for older people and put us on a standard rate.

“It more than tripled overnight from around £80 per month and we decided we had to look at ways of reducing these hefty bills,”

Peter looked into ways of cutting their energy usage and explained: “As we live in a listed property we can’t install double glazing, and I came across EcoGlaze secondary glazing from Access Plastics, based in West Yorkshire.

“We initially ordered their acrylic glazing for two windows and it was so easy to fit going up in just minutes; all we needed to do was provide measurements and they arrived in days and fitted perfectly.”

“We eventually had all our 17 windows done and the total cost came in at under £500! It would have cost us that to get just one window double glazed!” exclaimed Peter.

Elisabeth added “We now have no condensation and the sound of passing traffic has all but disappeared, but most importantly, we now rarely put heating on because we don’t need to, so our energy bills have fallen dramatically!

Ecoglaze Secondary Glazing is made from premium quality, UV stabilised acrylic sheet and high performance plastics; all materials are fully recyclable.

Ecoglaze is fitted to the inside of the existing window using a magnetic system; this system traps a layer of still air between the pane of glass and the Ecoglaze Secondary Glazing.

This airspace reduces the rate of heat loss and also acts as a baffle to reduce sound transmission.

Ecoglaze can be fitted to your existing windows for a fraction of the cost, when compared with double glazed windows, and will still provide you with the benefits of standard double glazing.

For more information please visit the EcoGlaze website.

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