Turn Off Mains Water with the Flick Of A Switch

Turn Off Mains Water with the Flick Of A Switch  UK homeowners make more claims for burst pipes or water leaks than for fire or theft and the average cost of a water damage claim is now as high as £15,000.Association of British Insurer’s statistics show that water damage claims resulting from leaks and burst pipes are increasing each year with £93 million paid out in 2008.One of the main reasons that these claims are high, is the difficulty people have in shutting off mains water quickly, and the fact that many homeowners do not turn off their mains water when they leave their property unattended for any length of time.Research undertaken by the insurance industry found that in the event of a water leak, as many as one in three people don’t know where their stop-cock is located, and therefore would be powerless to do anything about a water leak.Even when the location is known, it is often hidden behind a kitchen cupboard or washing machine, making it very difficult to access; also stopcocks that haven’t been used on a regular basis are usually extremely difficult to turn.The Surestop water switch makes controlling mains water as easy as turning your lights off:

  • The Surestop consists of a valve, connected into the water supply, which is connected by two metres of flexible tubing to a remote switch that is located in a convenient position e.g. above a kitchen worktop or just inside a kitchen cupboard door.
  • In an emergency you simply press the switch to turn the water supply on or off!
  • Since Surestop is so easy to use, you can turn off your mains water every time you go away from your home.
  • The device can typically be fitted by a plumber in 30-45 minutes and is operated by water pressure, so it doesn’t need batteries or electricity.

While the Surestop may be a new product to many people, over 250 local authorities and housing associations specify it extensively and over 250,000 have been sold since its launch in 2001.Surestop Water Switches are available from all UK leading plumbing merchants. Priced at around £30 – £35.For more information and details of stockists, please visit the Surestop website.Tel: (0845) 643 1800

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