Eco & Healthy Living In River Crescent Development

River Crescent Development Offers Eco & Healthy Living Overlooking the river Trent in Nottingham, The ‘River Crescent’ development comprises 146 apartments, providing the very best in eco and healthy living, plus high level security.

Built in a stunning location with extraordinary facilities and elegantly designed luxury apartments, this development has much to offer those looking to improve their carbon footprint and live a healthier lifestyle:

The development has wind turbines mounted on its stair towers, which feed electricity into the common areas, helping to keep energy costs at a minimum.

The wind turbines also power the development’s heat exchangers; these use the warm river water that is generated up stream by Radcliffe Power Station and provide virtually free heat to River Crescent’s 25-metre swimming pool.

Solar reflective glazing has been installed in the building, which helps to keep it cool in the summer, whilst retaining heat during the winter.

Bris-soliel shading has been mounted at high levels, to reduce the direct radiation from the sun falling on the building.

A pool of bicycles is available for residents to use on Nottingham’s extensive cycle tracks, encouraging exercise whilst reducing carbon emissions.

New generation electric cars are also available for residents to hire, using a smart card system; these cars provide emission-free transport, as they are charged by a combination of the wind turbines and renewable green energy supplied to the building.

A business centre has been incorporated into River Crescent, to assist residents who wish to work from home and also reduce their carbon footprint.

Healthy living is further encouraged by the resident’s Health Club, which features comprehensive gym equipment, a 25-metre swimming pool and spa pool.

River Crescent apartments have won awards in The Daily Mail UK Property Awards 2008, in the categories of Best Architecture, Best Development, and Best Apartment.


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