Plasti-kote Super Spray Paint

Plant Pots Renovated with Plasti-kote Super Spray PaintYou can give your garden a lift this summer by renovating any tired old garden plant pots using Plasti-kote Super Spray Paint.

Here’s the Plasti-kote method for renovating your plant pots:

1. Clean the pots to get rid of any dirt or moss.

2. Wipe them, leaving the pots thoroughly dry.

3. Protect any surfaces near to the area where you are spraying.

4. If surface is porous, use Plasti-kote’s Super Primer.

5. Spray several coats of Plasti-kote’s Super Spray Paint in the colour of your choice (leave 5 minutes between each coat).

6. Pots will be touch-dry in 10-20 minutes and throughly dry in 30-45 minutes.

7. If you want the pots to stand up to the weather, Plasti-kote also have a clear sealer.

There are 36 colours in the Plasti-kote Super Spray Paint range, and they retail at £5.49 for a 400ml can.

tel: (01223) 836400.

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