Plasti-kote BBQ Spray Paint

BBQ Spray Paint from Plasti-kotePlasti-kote have the ideal product to renovate your tired old barbeque – BBQ Spray Paint. It is simple to use and only takes 2-3 hours to completely dry.

Here’s how to renovate your barbecue:

1. Clear out any old coals and remove the grill.

2. Clean the barbecue with a wire brush to remove any grease, loose rust or dirt.

3. Wipe down, leaving the barbeque clean and dry, and mask off any handles or areas you don’t want sprayed.

4. Protect any surfaces close by that you do not want sprayed.

5. If the barbecue is quite rusty, use Plati-kote’s metal primer first.

6. Spray 3 fine coats of Plati-kote’s BBQ paint leaving 5 minutes between each coat.

The barbeque will be touch dry in 20-30 minutes and thoroughly dry in 2-3 hours.
Please don’t spray the inside of the barbecue where the hot coals will be.

Plasti-kote BBQ spray paint is available from all good DIY stores and retails at £5.99 for a 400ml can.

tel: (01223) 836400.

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