Lights Camera Action With The Securesight VL1

Lights Camera Action With The Securesight VL1Securesight has introduced a new approach to protecting your property – the VL1 is a unique security device with a 3 in 1 solution, combining digital camera, video recorder and floodlight.

Capable of automatically taking pictures or video clips, the VL1 is an innovative new security light plus security camera that will provide you with the same protection as a CCTV system at a fraction of the cost.

Using the latest digital camera technology the VL1 can record pictures or video clips each time its PIR motion sensor is triggered, day or night:

  • Stores over 2560 images or 512 ten-second video clips, on a 1Gb SD card.
  • Quality 2 Mega pixel resolution images are stored to internal memory, or to a fitted SD memory card, which can then be played back and stored for later viewing on your PC.
  • One or two photos can be taken when the VL1 is triggered; each photo is stored with a unique reference number plus time and date for quick access.
  • The VL1 will also record ten second video clips if you prefer, allowing you to see all the action.

The security camera can be set to record photos or video continuously, each time the PIR movement sensor is triggered, enabling you to view pictures of the events as they happened.

The VL1 can also be used as a webcam to record video direct to your PC’s hard drive and using motion detection automatically send you email images.
Priced at £99.99 plus VAT.


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