The Home Security Guide For New Homeowners

The Home Security Guide For New Homeowners ADT Home Security have been working with Calvin Beckford, a retired Police Officer with over 30 years’ experience in crime prevention, to prepare a new document, aimed at helping new homeowners to make their new property as safe and secure as possible.

Calvin Beckford, a security industry expert, has thirty years policing experience with the Metropolitan Police. Calvin is well-known in police crime prevention and academic circles.

ADT offer an ideal home security monitoring solution.

  • ADT is a leading UK provider of electronic home security solutions, designed to protect family homes, with ranges to suit any size of property.
  • The company has a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge and their experts will help you assess your security risks and work with you to develop a solution tailored to your needs.

A survey by a major insurance company found that 33% of Britons ignore ringing home alarms – people assume someone else will sort the problem out! (Source Zurich Insurance & BBC Report).

However, with an ADT monitored alarm, if your alarm is activated, they receive a message from your system enabling them to respond to the activation immediately, as all ADT home security alarm systems are linked via a telephone line, to their professionally manned UK based alarm monitoring centres. ADT monitors your home alarm 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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