Introducing Firebelly Wood Burning Stoves From Ludlow

Razen Range cookerIntroducing Firebelly a UK company, which manufactures beautifully designed multi fuel and wood burning stoves, with the most up-to-date technology to provide all you might wish from a modern stove.

The Firebelly FB Razen Cook cooker, featured (top) is a sleek example of contemporary design, which is sure to fit into every kitchen environment.

  • The Firebelly Razen is a striking contemporary oven in smooth stainless steel, that delivers a liberal 10 KW output. It boasts chunky steel legs and sides, with big glass doors for both firebox and oven and firebox and every part is made by hand and put together individually. Priced at £4,180 Inc Vat with free delivery.

The new Firebelly FB2 stove delivers a huge 12kW output and has a large viewing window.

  • It is intended to burn wood, however, a multi fuel kit is offered should you prefer to burn coal. The FB2 is perfect for larger rooms with its big glass window and fine design features.
  • The FB2 comes as either a double-sided or single stove, both offered with optional brushed steel legs. Priced at £1,640 Inc Vat with delivery free.

Double sided firebellyThe Firebelly FB1 two sided stove pictured here (lower) delivers 6kW and will easily heat a large room.

  • Available as a double-sided  or single stove, so that you can place it either in between two separate rooms, or in the centre of a large room.
  • There are a huge number of colour choices to compliment your interior décor. Priced at £1,690 Inc Vat delivery is free.

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For those looking for a cost-effective and eco friendly heating method, heating with wood is an ideal solution.

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