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Save Money on Fuel Bills and Save the Planet Too!

The Cove1 Stove from Charnwood

With the latest round of gas price increases, alternatives such as woodburning stoves look particularly attractive. Woodburning stoves can save up to 30% on fuel costs, they burn renewable fuel and they are CO2 neutral!

Charnwood have just announced their new Cove 1 stove for this Autumn / Winter. It has gentle curves and contemporary good looks. With an output of 5Kw it is particularly suited to smaller spaces.

The single curved door gives a clear view of the fire. It has an advanced Quattroflow combustion system which ensures high efficiency and an exceptionally clean burn.

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The Cove Stove

The Cove 2 multifuel stove from Charnwood

The weather forecasters are predicting the coldest winter for years, so there’s something comforting about the thought of cosy evenings around a real fire. Unfortunately, while an open fire is very attractive – it’s often not very efficient, creating draughts and losing a lot of heat straight up the chimney.

A stove on the other hand is far more efficient – especially a modern one like this brand new Cove 2 multifuel stove from Charnwood, which incorporates the latest clean-burn technologies to maximise the heat you get from your fuel.

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