Felt Rugs Introduce A New ‘white on white’ Collection

The NWhite on White rug 1omadic people of the Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan, have fashioned stunning woolen rugs called Shyrdaks, for over two thousand years,

The Shyrdak rugs are made by tribal women, on a sturdy felt base stitched with geometric patterns.

Every rug takes a skilled cutter and her team between ten and twenty days to make.

Felt is the first business to import these beautiful works of art to the UK from Kyrgyzstan.

The New white on white collection:

  • The latest Felt collection of especially custom-made Shyrdak ‘white on white’ rugs and cushions, produce a fresh classic look, which looks completely at home in traditional or contemporary interiors.
  • The decorative ‘white-on-white’ pieces encompass all of the interest and texture of the braided and stitched felt, without the different colours characteristic of Shyrdaks, but allow the lush elegance of pure white new wool to speak for itself.
  • Every rug is a real work of art that is as practical and durable as it is pleasing to the eye.

White on White 2Felt customers are invited to order customized rugs in their preferred patterns colours, sizes and shapes.

Email Felt for a current price list or details of your size, colour and pattern requests and they will send you designs for your consideration.

Felt’s extensive range of rugs can be viewed by appointment at their London showroom in SW12.

Most of the rugs in stock were made within the last 2 years. In addition there is a permanent collection of vintage rugs, from the preceding 50 years. Priced from £300.

For further information and to view Felt’s online selection of Shyrdak rugs, go to the website.

Tel:   (020) 8772 0358

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