Introducing British Telecom’s Innovative Energy Saving Tool

Image1BT has launched a free energy saving tool online, to assist customers to discover ways to reduce their carbon footprint, both at work and at home.

The simple instruction module takes people through a sequence of situations, to draw attention to a variety of ways they can save both energy and money. It is a concept from British Telecom’s Better Future programme.

To access this useful energy saving tool, you need to visit and input details of your energy usage.

As the start of the programme, you will be challenged to spot the chances offered to cut energy waste at home or work, as well as when out and about.

Then you are presented with an eco-bank of accumulated savings and you can see the amount of carbon savings that can be achieved in a year by making simple changes.

These include, switching off the lights when you leave a room, turning off your monitor when finished for the day, to not using your car for 1 day per week, or occasionally using public transport.

Since we are all trying to find ways we can reduce our energy usage right now, this helpful online tool provides a quick and simple way to discover how easy changes can make a real difference.

BT employees used the Energy Saving Tool last year, to promote awareness of the simplest methods of conserving energy at work and at home.

They were extremely positive about the tool and were very happy to share it with everyone.

For further information and to access BT’s Innovative Energy Saving Tool, go to the website.

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