First Time Buyer Magazine Launched In December

First Time Buyer Magazine Launched In DecemberThe editor of a new magazine, First Time Buyer, launched in December, believes that first time buyers can resuscitate the British property market, which is currently being strangled by mortgage lenders.

There is plenty of new property for first time buyers, plus schemes that specify that they don’t have to raise all 100% of the asking price.

Some examples of such schemes are HomeBuy, shared ownership, affordable housing schemes and rent before you buy; but, many young professionals are unaware that they are eligible for such plans, or don’t know how to go about it.

Sarah Garrett editor of First Time Buyer explained, “Builders and developers also proffer deals to help first time buyers and they offer another excellent alternative that first time buyers should not overlook.”

She continued, “With interest rates so low, mortgage payments can be cheaper than monthly rent.

Most shared ownership property, is in new developments in our larger towns and cities and many are ready for occupation now, by young professionals who want a new property that they can make their own.”

Living with Mum and Dad, renting with flatmates, compared to owning a brand new city centre apartment with your partner? No contest!”

First Time Buyer magazine aims to demystify the processes and jargon, dispel many preconceptions, to help the property virgins get onto the ladder; it is packed with helpful advice, from properties for sale, to analysis of financial options; plus schemes and incentives and top tips, to articles on successful first time buyers.

So, it is possible to get a great property and the best deal, if you know how! There are opportunities in every major city and large town across Britain.

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