The Hunter Fan Company Launches New Waste Force Kitchen Disposers

The Waste Force 100 Disposer

The Waste Force 100 Disposer

The Hunter Fan Company Ltd has launched Waste Force disposers in the United Kingdom, so you no longer have to tolerate rotting, smelly and disease infested food in your waste bins.

These innovative and reasonably priced new waste disposers, quickly get rid of waste food with ease.

They incorporate many powerful features that provide excellent performance and long life.

The affordable prices offer great value and ensure that two-weekly bin collections are no longer a hazard to health.

The company recommends that all kitchens in the UK should have a waste disposer, like those in the USA and other countries around the world. They enable the recycling of food waste that otherwise can be a health hazard, rotting in waste bins causing revolting smells and attracting vermin.

The current Bi-weekly bin collections in the UK create two significant problems: the hazard to health and the storage space needed, whereas waste disposers eradicate both in one go and reduce the amount of bin bags used, thus saving space and making sure that your kitchen is fresh and clean.

The waste goes straight to the sewage works, where it is turned into electricity and also results in a reduction in landfill requirement.

The waste disposers are guaranteed for 10 years and prices now start at £145 Inc.vat.

The Hunter Fan Company Ltd is the EC distributor appointed for the brand.

Waste Force units are made to a high specification by a principal manufacturer of waste disposers, with over 20 years experience.They are available to buy online, or from many kitchen design shops around the UK.

For further information and to view the different models of Waste Force disposers on offer, go to the website.

Tel: 0125 663 6509.

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