The Used Kitchen Company’s Used And Ex Display Kitchens

2yr Old Clive Christian Kitchen with IslandWith removal expenses currently so high, it appears that many more homeowners now prefer to expand their houses, rather than move to larger properties.

It has been shown that extending the kitchen is still the most popular development and often into an entire living area. This can involve knocking down room partitions, to create a large open-plan kitchen, diner and lounge.

Since building work can so easily require extra finance above the amount planned, one way to cut costs, is to consult The Used Kitchen Company about their used and ex-display kitchens.

There is a huge choice of over 150 kitchens, ranging from a top quality ex-display Clive Christian kitchen, to a five year old Ikea design, at 50% to 70% of their retail prices.

Featured here:

Top picture, the 2yr old (Approx) Clive Christian Kitchen, Worktops, Island and Appliances. Priced at £27,500.

Lower picture, the Pedini Glass Kitchen (Ex-display) Worktops and Appliances. Priced at £25,000.

Ex-display Pedini Glass KitchenThe company has also introduced a range of top quality furniture on their website, including dining room furniture, wardrobes, lighting, as well as an oak-panelled library.

As well as viewing all of the kitchens available on the website, you can also request a quote for their dismantle and install service, to take the hassle out of re-installing the kitchen.

If the kitchen you are replacing is less than ten years old – in good condition, the company can also sell it for you, thus providing you with some extra funds to spend on the new one.

Visit the website for further details and to browse Used Kitchens’ collection of ex display and used kitchens.

Tel: (020) 8349 1943.

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