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Revolutionary Aqualytic Oven Cleaning From Amica

 Revolutionary Aqualytic Oven Cleaning From Amica

Amica, one of the most dynamic household appliances manufacturers in Europe, is expanding in the UK market, with its range of freestanding and built-in appliances.

Amica’s latest cooking innovation – the Scandium range of built-in multifunction ovens – is available this month.

The Scandium range consists of two highly attractive and functional ovens in stainless steel, both A rated for energy efficiency and featuring Amica’s revolutionary new Aqualytic cleaning system, incorporating AquaRealEase™ technology, which saves time and money and is exceptionally kind to the environment.

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Falcon’s New Range Cooker With Induction Hob

Falcon’s New Deluxe Range Cooker With Induction Hob

Falcon has launched the first ever range cooker with a full induction hob, which offers home chefs immediate and precise control at their fingertips.

The main features of the 1092 Deluxe include:

Precise temperature control, which is almost immediate like gas.

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Whirlpool’s Perfect Pancakes On Shrove Tuesday

Whirlpool’s Tips For Perfect Pancakes On Shrove Tuesday

Millions of families across the country will be looking forward to enjoying pancakes today, Shrove Tuesday.

Whirlpool the leading kitchen appliance manufacturer, offers the following tips to help you create perfect pancakes to indulge your family in this great British tradition. Chill and set your batter – It is important to let your batter ‘rest’ for 30 minutes, enabling the starches in the mixture to soften and expand in the liquid, forming a lighter pancake. The batter will be best, and most hygienically rested in a Microban antibacterial filtered fridge such as Whirlpool’s ARC 6706, while at the same time cooling the mixture to below room temperature, helping to create a perfectly sealed pancake in the hot pan. Perfect pan temperature – Use the precise technology of an induction hob with touch control, like the Whirlpool AKM995, to get your pan piping hot, then tip the batter around the pan to get the base evenly coated; it should only take half a minute or so to cook, so check by lifting  the edge with a palette knife to ensure it’s a tempting golden colour. Saving the left overs – If you have batter leftover, make up pancakes with it and save them for another day.  Just stack the cooked pancakes between greaseproof paper, place in an air-tight container and store in the fridge of your Whirlpool ARC7550 fridge freezer for up to three days, or in the freezer for up to two months. Enjoy!

Web: http://www.whirlpool.co.uk
Tel: (0870) 600 8989

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Twice Around The Island With Neff

Dual Controlled Hob and Cooker Hood from Neff

An island unit is the ultimate status symbol in any kitchen, but who wants to waste time and energy running around the island to reach the appliance controls.

Neff has provided the answer with two new stainless steel extra wide island models, with controls on both sides.

The 80cm T15B8 ceramic hob and 100 cm wide D91T7 extractor hood are dual controlled models, which make cooking easier and more convenient by giving access to control from either side of an island unit.

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Makeover for Domino Range from Neff

Domino hob from Neff

One of the most popular ranges of Neff hob units, the Domino range, has had a makeover to bring it up-to-date with the demands of the modern kitchen.

The Domino range consists of slimline, 2-plate hob units which are available in a variety of different models suitable for all sizes of kitchens.

Domino hobs are particularly suitable in kitchens where worktop space is in short supply.

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