Introducing the New AGA City60 with the Innovative Gas Hob

522053_num1112977AGA has announced the introduction of a new AGA City60 cooker, which is only 60cm wide, making it just right for houses where space is limited.

The new AGA City60 cooker features a novel gas hob incorporating a wok burner, a rapid burner, plus two semi-rapid burners. The hob also has a flame failure device.

In addition, it has radiant-heat cast-iron ovens that ensure all the food’s flavour, goodness and moisture is retained.
The City60 cooker’s stunning appearance, as well as the well known AGA cooking performance, will certainly make it hugely popular with those who just love AGA cooking, but also prefer the convenience, flexibility and familiarity of a gas hob.
The ovens are powered by electricity and work efficiently with the gas hob.

522053_num1112975This latest AGA City60 is available in 14 colours and offers the best of both worlds, in a small but very attractive cast-iron product.

All of the AGA City60 versions are priced at £4,995.

Visit the website for more information and more views of AGA’s exciting new AGA City60 cooker.

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