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Protecting Your Home Against Burglars Is Important

The Cop Burglar Alarm

The latest Home Office crime statistics reveal a worrying increase in domestic break ins, with offence rates increased by 14 per cent, year on year.

Due to the ongoing effects of the credit crunch, more and more people are struggling to make ends meet, so opportunistic criminals are much more likely to break into homes looking for valuable portable goods to sell for quick cash.

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Protect Your Garden From Theft With Yale’s Solutions

 Protect Your Garden From Theft With Yale’s Solutions

The security experts at Yale have thoughtfully offered the guidance below, on how best to secure your valuable garden contents, as thefts from grounds are becoming much more common:

Many of us don’t realise the high value of the items we leave in our garden, and the fact that they’re mainly left unsecured means they’re easy targets to thieves. To make it worse, home insurance policies often don’t cover thefts from gardens and outbuildings.

With expensive barbecues, garden furniture and kids’ toys often left unsecured in our gardens overnight, it makes sense to invest in affordable and easy to use security solutions that will keep them secure.

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Review Of The Swann ADW 300 Security Camera

 Review Of The Swann ADW 300 Security Camera

I was pleased to accept Swann’s offer to trial their new ADW 300 digital wireless security camera and receiver. See our article dated October 25th 2009.

The camera was delivered on the day promised and the camera and other contents were securely packed and well protected. The camera, stand and all components were strong, smart and clearly of quality manufacture.

I found the operating instructions very clear with lots of illustrations to help understanding and enable a quick and easy set up of both the camera and receiver.

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How Safe Are UK Homes? Wonders Legal & General

How Safe Are UK Homes? Wonders Legal & General

Legal & General’s general insurance business annual online survey, ‘Safe as Houses’, which asks people for feedback and their views on home security and safety, is now live.

The survey aims to provide an understanding of home-owner’s security and safety concerns and what, if any, precautions they are taking.

The survey is running for a month until Friday 10 October 2008 and those people who complete the survey will be entered into a draw, to win John Lewis vouchers up to the value of £500.

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Legal & General’s ‘Safeguarding Your Home’ Booklet

‘Safeguarding Your Home’ Booklet From Legal & General

The latest recorded crime figures for England and Wales includes a map of the most burgled cities in the UK, which highlights London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle as the main hot spots.

Although the statistics, show that crime is falling and that domestic burglary is in decline, with a drop of 4%, Legal & General is concerned that people should continue to be vigilant when it comes to their home security.

Therefore, they have produced a special booklet, Safeguarding Your Home, which provides useful tips and home security advice, to help homeowners and those renting to protect their property and possessions.

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Police Warn Of Increased Crime As Clocks Go Back

Burglar breaking into window

The clocks went back on October 29th, which not only signals that winter is on its way, but also means increased opportunities and rich pickings for thieves as the evenings get darker.

Police are warning householders to step up their general home security to prevent them becoming a victim of crime this winter.

Burglaries tend to rise at this time every year and the police think the peak comes, as the evenings get darker and it’s easier for burglars to see where homes are empty.

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A Home Security System Review

©  Paige Foster / iStockPhotos

Before buying a home security system it is important to take a close look at your home, and your locality, to discover the type and level of crime or other problems that are most likely to affect the security of your home, family and possessions.

So it is a good idea to do a home security system review to ascertain the precise level of protection you require thus preventing expense on unnecessary equipment.

Assemble the Facts

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