OneAlarm Launches A New Affordable Home Security System

Decoy SirenBurglary is one of the most frequent types of crime and the UK experiences the highest burglary rate in Europe.

About half a million burglaries are committed in England and Wales every year, so action has to be taken to make sure that people can meet the expense of taking the necessary precautions, to protect their possessions and property.

In response to this situation, OneAlarm has launched a new inexpensive home security range that offers a variety of easily installed products, as well as a reasonably priced monitoring service.

Sadly in spite of the current risks, many people believe home security alarms are too expensive and can only be afforded for larger houses, containing valuable property like antiques.

The Metropolitan Police advise that experience has shown that a well installed and maintained burglar alarm, ensures that you are less likely to be a victim of burglary.

The OneAlarm system is monitored 24 hours a day on 365 days of the year; it also enables you to manage your system while you are away, wherever you are in the world.

  • A mobile App is also available for iPhones and Android smart-phone users to enable customers to arm and disarm the system, or change their secure-code and mobile numbers.
  • OneAlarm also provides complete technical support from fully trained engineers, with a thorough knowledge of the security industry.

In addition to the hassle of having to sort out the consequences of burglary, it is also a very distressing experience.

Victim Support advises that it’s the irreplaceable treasured possessions that cause the most upset, as they can’t be replaced.

They also observe that after a burglary lots of people just don’t feel secure at home anymore.

The OneAlarm security system is 100% wireless and easy to install.

OneAlarm customers pay an affordable £9.99 monthly for the monitoring service and can select their own system items via the OneAlarm website.

There is a choice of two basic packs priced from £169.99 plus additional extra sensors if necessary.

The home alarm system can be disconnected and taken with you should you move house.

Visit the website for more information and to view OneAlarm’s new burglar alarm system and accessories.

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