Heat Your Home With Wood This Winter To Earn RHI Cash Back

Biomass BoilerIntroducing Euroheat‘s Rika Evo Aqua central heating boiler – a stove that can run a whole central heating system plus providing hot water on wood pellets.

It’s generally accepted that using wood for heating your home makes economic and ecological sense:

There is now an added incentive to make the change with the Government’s recent announcement that it intends to pay cash back to households, which choose to use renewable heat technologies, including biomass boilers, as part of the domestic RHI. (Renewable Heat Incentive).

So for each kilowatt hr. of heat created using a biomass type boiler, homeowners will be given cash back of 12.2p, so that they not only get back the original cost of installation, but also show a profit over the longer term.

A biomass boiler burns only wood fuel like wood pellets, split logs or wood chips to heat an accumulator or water tank that supplies hot water and the radiators, making it a real eco-friendly substitute for the conventional central heating system.

Furthermore, it’s a much better cost effective alternative to oil or gas, as well as being less detrimental to the atmosphere.

For example, the RHI cash back tariff for biomass boilers is an excellent offer for homeowners:

Using Euroheat’s 35 kW boiler, produces £4,867 a year making a total cash back over RHI’s 7 year lifespan of around £34,000.

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