The Magnetic Warmroom Innovation Reduces Winter Heating Costs

Warmroom panels

Warmroom panels

Households in the UK can save up to 60 per cent of heat lost from radiators in their homes, by using Warmroom, a novel new product from the Sheffield based Anchor Magnets.

The product provides the solution to an existing problem caused by radiators pushing heat into walls, instead of into the room. Installation couldn’t be easier, since Warmroom is magnetic, so it just sticks to the back of an ordinary steel radiator.

The product has been initiated in cooperation with the University of Sheffield, to check on its effectiveness and savings of around 60 per cent of heat usually lost through the back of radiators was demonstrated.

The Warmroom product has also been designed to be easily fitted as no tools are required.

Tests performed at the university, established that the temperature of a brick wall at the rear of a radiator measured 45 degrees, while soon after fitting Warmroom panels to the back of the radiator, the wall temperature fell to 25 degrees, which showed that the heat wasn’t being pushed into the wall any more, but was being returned into the room.

Furthermore, it was found that even with cavity wall insulation, a radiator will pass measurable quantities of heat into the wall, instead of into the room.

Easily Fitted

Easily Fitted

Warmroom panels are also easily fitted comparable to other conductive heat products, which have to be fitted to the wall, since the radiator doesn’t have to be removed from the wall and the panels are slid down the space between the wall and the radiator, then magnetise to the radiator’s steel frame.

The panels are not visible when fitted and can be removed, cleaned and used again should the owner move house.

Savings resulting from the use of this technology, can make a considerable difference to energy bills in the home.

Warmroom is only available from the Warmroom Website.

Anchor Magnets is a major supplier of magnetic materials used by many High Street retailers and conducts a rigorous environmental policy.

For further information about the Warmroom products go to the website.

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