Reduce Your Heating Costs With The Dimplex Quantum System

517324_num1107290Introducing the Quantum heating system from Dimplex – the award winning advanced electric space heater that can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.

Quantum uses up to 22% less energy and is up to 27% cheaper to run than a normal storage heater. In addition it is up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric radiator or convector system.

So your running cost savings, depending on type of property, could be up to £975, if Quantum is replacing an electric radiator or convector system, and up to £418 if it replaces a standard storage system.

Using Quantum, around 90% of your heating is produced with off-peak low cost energy, which is stored during low demand times and delivers efficient and cost-effective heat whenever needed.

This heating system is able to monitor your usage patterns and the current weather conditions, so that it learns from and adapts to them, to provide the right level of heat required.

It has an instinctive iQ control to ensure ease of operation, plus an LCD display, like central heating, to enable you to pre-set your required heating needs.

The system also benefits from a very rapid heating-up time and a soft-start, ultra-quiet fan to ensure minimum noise levels.

Quantum presents a compact and stylish design, making it ideal for any room size. It is quick and easy to install, in just around 45 minutes. Each heater carries a 10 year guarantee.

Dimensions Height: 730mm; Width: 703mm; Depth 185mm.

Priced at £530 each, plus installation.

For more information about the Dimplex Quantum off-peak heating system, go to the website.

Tel: 0844 879 3588.

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