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Enjoy Outdoor Entertaining All Year Round


More and more people are taking up a European life-style by relaxing, eating and entertaining out of doors.

However, the British weather has not been encouraging our alfresco desires, with a heat-wave one day and pouring rain the next.

In spite of this, we are still devoted to spending more time entertaining friends and eating outside.

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IKEA’s Outdoor Living Furnishing For Lazy Summer Days

IKEA have now launched their furniture and furnishing ideas for outdoor living this summer.

Why not think about your outdoor living area as an additional room in your home? A room specifically designed with furniture as well as furnishings, to fulfil your requirements and dreams.

IKEA thinks that there’s more to al fresco furniture than only tables and chairs…

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Cool Summer Trend – Stripy Awnings

 Cool Summer Trend – Stripy Awnings

As UK homeowners get a taste of the summer sunshine, their thoughts turn to shade!

There’s never been a better time to invest in a stylish Apollo awning, to provide shade to outdoor living spaces and keep adjacent rooms cool.

And one fabric is tipped to be a major seller in homes across the UK this year – Apollo’s green multi-stripe fabric. As pictured here.

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Thomas Sanderson’s Exciting New Products For 2008

Thomas Sanderson Launches Exciting New Products For 2008

After three years in development, Thomas Sanderson has launched the Nexus Patio Awning.

Boasting advanced technological design this exclusive patio awning not only offers revolutionary new features, but also its sleek design will complement any home and garden.

The unique Mistral Wind Sensor built into the new patio awning, detects any movement of the canopy during windy conditions; should the wind reach an unsafe level, the Mistral Sensor will communicate wirelessly to the awning controls and immediately retract it, preventing damage to you and your property.

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Awnings For Outdoor Entertaining From Hillarys Blinds

Hillarys Blinds All Year Space For Outdoor Entertaining

Gardens are fast becoming an extension of the home as more people embrace a European lifestyle by eating, relaxing and entertaining outside.

It’s true that temperatures are rising year on year, however our weather has yet to follow our al fresco aspirations.

Despite this, we’re keen to spend more time eating and entertaining in the fresh air, which is why Hillarys Blinds are seeing a significant growth in the popularity of their attractive made to measure awnings.

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Overhanging Parasol From The Cotswold Garden Co

Overhanging Parasol From The Cotswold Garden Company

The Unique Shade Master 3500 overhanging parasol from The Cotswold Garden Company, provides an ideal and most relaxing way to create shade in your garden.

The parasol winds up on a handled crank system and tilts to catch the low evening sun’s rays.

The shade swivels 360° on its base, which is heavy enough when filled with sand or water to hold the parasol in place, but light enough to move when empty.

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Thomas Sanderson’s Home & Garden Summer Coolers

Summer Proof Your Home & Garden With Thomas Sanderson

A conservatory can be an unpleasant heat-trap during the hot summer months; why not install Thomas Sanderson conservatory blinds to keep you cool and comfortable?

Hand-crafted from SolarTex coated fabric, these blinds are specifically designed to help control the temperature inside the conservatory, making it the perfect, temperate location for your summer living.

Choose from a palette of over 200 colours and fabrics, tints, tones, naturals, neutrals, plains and prints; however you wish to dress your conservatory, Thomas Sanderson can supply the right colour.

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Thomas Sanderson’s New Ultima Awning At Ideal Home Show

The Ultima Garden Awning from Thomas Sanderson

Thomas Sanderson is one of the leading suppliers of patio awnings in the UK and their luxurious new Ultima Awning is being launched at the Autumn Ideal Home Show at Earl’s Court.

Check it out and invest in a splash of brightness for your home’s exterior, choosing from their exciting range of colourful fabrics.

The Ultima Awning offers advanced all weather protection with many bespoke features:

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Summer-proof your garden with Thomas Sanderson

Remote Control Garden Awning from Thomas Sanderson

Thomas Sanderson, the blind and awning manufacturer, have lots of good ideas to help you make the most of your garden this summer.

They suggest that you can add a splash of uplifting colour to your garden with one of their awnings, available in a diverse palette of over 300 different colours.

Also, you can protect your family from the strong midday sun or an unexpected rainshower at the touch of a button – Thomas Sanderson awnings are fitted with remote control options so that you can move easily from sun to shade from the comfort of your sun-lounger or dining table.

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Patio Awnings Designed for the British Weather

Aqualine Patio Awning from Thomas Sanderson

Normally, you are advised to retract your patio awning when there’s a downpour, but not with the AquaLine garden awning from Thomas Sanderson – it’s designed to cope with the British climate!

Should there be a sudden shower, the AquaLine patio awning’s unique angular design and shape makes the rain water flow down the sides of the canopy and protects you from the rain.

There are even light and wind sensors in the awning allowing it to automatically adjust with the weather, preventing any possible damage to the awning or your property.

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