The Bosch Indego Connect Robotic Lawnmower Is The Ultimate Christmas Gift

209530_CATEGORY_STAGE_IMAGE_434_321Looking for that extra special gift for someone who really enjoys smart technology, then here is the solution!

Give them a Bosch Indego Connect robotic lawnmower, this year’s ultimate gift, which would mean that they can say goodbye to pushing a lawnmower over the lawn and use the extra time on other projects they would rather be doing, in or out of the garden, as well as appealing to their interest in smart technology.

The Indego Connect lawnmower includes the very latest Bosch technology to ensure it will do all the work, without having to control it or push it along.

Recent advances in connectivity and robotics, enable you to control the lawnmower via your tablet or smart phone app, even if you are relaxing nearby or many miles away.

The Indego Robotic lawnmower can even cut the grass in parallel lines, using the ingenious Logicut technology, making it particularly efficient with lawn care.

Grass clippings are spread out evenly to provide a good mulching effect and a healthy lawn.

970366Obstacles such as paths, bikes and stones in the mower’s way, are detected by the smart bump sensor, so there’s no danger of it going where it shouldn’t, being damaged or accidentally colliding with things in the garden.

Automatic charging. The mower automatically returns to the docking station immediately when the battery needs to be charged.

Indego Connect is priced at RRP £1,299.

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