Enjoy a Barbecue Any Time of Year With Arctic’s Barbecue Cabins

Siviter Cabin WarwickshireIntroducing the unique Barbecue Cabins from Arctic, to be enjoyed even when summer is over.

A barbecue cabin could be just what we need to help us pass the long, cold dark evenings ahead.

Imagine you, your family and friends, all cosy and warm, enjoying a roaring fire inside your cabin; the steaks are sizzling and the mulled wine is warming and it’s all happening in your own garden!

Barbecue cabins were inspired by traditional Kotas (like tepees), lived in by the Sami people of Northern Lapland.

The main benefit of owning a barbecue cabin, is that it permits you to enjoy our unreliable British weather, come sunshine, rain, snow or gales, you can beat the elements and use your garden.

Christmas Party in a barbecue cabinAll cabins are manufactured from Scandinavian timber making them both durable and sustainable; the weather conditions here cause the wood to be denser and therefore stronger; ideal for constructing cabins.

Cabins can be either hexagonal or octagonal in shape, in a choice of sizes from 10 – 25 meters square. The 10-meter cabin is most popular, as they are suitable for most gardens; they seat fifteen people and sleep three.
They also have adjustable benches, making them suitable for sleepovers too.

Another benefit to having a barbecue cabin is that it is not likely that you will need planning permission, as
you will usually be able to install the cabin under ordinary planning regulations.

Featured here is the Siviter Barbecue Cabin, a 10 meter barbecue cabin made by Arctic Cabins that seats 15 and sleeps 3. Priced at £7750.

Arctic Cabins are based in Derbyshire and have been producing barbecue cabins for over 12 years and able to advise about living with a cabin and how they make a great extension to your home.

Visit the website for more information and to view Arctic Cabin’s comprehensive range of BBQ cabins, garden offices and summerhouses.

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