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Enjoy a Barbecue Any Time of Year With Arctic’s Barbecue Cabins

Siviter Cabin Warwickshire

Introducing the unique Barbecue Cabins from Arctic, to be enjoyed even when summer is over.

A barbecue cabin could be just what we need to help us pass the long, cold dark evenings ahead.

Imagine you, your family and friends, all cosy and warm, enjoying a roaring fire inside your cabin; the steaks are sizzling and the mulled wine is warming and it’s all happening in your own garden!

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Arboreta’s Garden Rooms Offer Beautiful Garden Views

Garden Room1

Introducing the beautiful Oak frame garden rooms from Arboreta, which provide an ideal extra living space, such as a quiet home office, a light-filled haven, where you can enjoy your hobbies, read, or just relax with a clear garden view that enables you to unwind in tranquil surroundings.

Planning permission is often not required for garden rooms.You can select from freestanding or attached options in a large number of designs, such as oak trusses or rafters, purlins and ridge sector.

Adding a gable helps to create a roomy airy feel, while choosing thermally-efficient glazing and an insulated roof, ensures that it stays cosy in winter months, which means that you can enjoy the garden room all through the year.

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Introducing The Garden Pod – A Rotating Sphere Lounger

The Farmers Cottage Rotating Sphere

The Farmers Cottage Rotating Sphere

The Garden Pod rotating sphere lounger is a new concept for sheltered seating and relaxation in the garden.

The rotating sphere lounger offers a unique environment for resting, dining, study or even a camping space, with the additional advantage of rotary motion, for positioning the door into the shade or sun, or away from an unpleasantly cold wind

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Propagate & Protect Your Plants With A Greenhouse

The growing season is almost here and the benefits offered by adding a greenhouse to your garden are well worth considering, as it can help to provide high yields, as well as extending the gardening year.

You can start sowing seeds earlier and protect the plants from frost at both ends of the growing season.

A greenhouse can enable you to propagate your much-loved plants that need reliable temperature control and also ensure constant growth throughout the growing season, as well as providing for the over wintering of tender plants.

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Introducing The Novel Gypsy Caravan Company

The Gypsy Caravan Co. specialise in the creation of a superb selection of Gypsy caravans built by hand.

The Reading model, which can be completed in a customers’ choice of fabrics and paint colours and is the most popular in company’s range.

Price: Fully painted and furnished – £14500 Plus VAT.

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Novel New Range Of Garden Huts From Alexander Rose

The Day Bed Complete From The Ocean Range

Alexander Rose has introduced a stylish new range of original huts that make an ideal garden hideaway.

The huts are made from woven PE fibre to create a strong and weatherproof wigwam-style design and are just ideal for use as a shelter from the hot summer sun and the mesh finish allows a soft summer breeze to flow through.

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Grainstore’s Summerhouses On Traditional Staddle Stones

A summerhouse From Grainstore

The Grainstore Summerhouse.

Using an ancient technique of supporting wooden buildings on traditional staddle stones, Grainstore Summerhouses offer customers a stimulating combination of the early and the modern for their garden.

These striking eco-friendly wooden buildings present a wonderful and interesting structure that will add character to any garden.

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Fine Hand Crafted, Oak Framed Sunrooms From Oakmasters

The Oak Framed Conservatory.

Oakmasters a leading specialist in traditional oakwork with more than 25 years of experience, offer the very finest, hand crafted, oak framed sunrooms, orangeries and garden rooms, as well as various other oak solutions, from beams right up to complete houses.

The company’s blend of traditional and contemporary British architecture and craftsmanship, produces fine oak buildings that will not only withstand the elements, but are of structural excellence and superior quality.

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The Compact Children’s Shelter From Aspace

 The Compact Children’s Shelter From Aspace

It’s great to watch children at play in the sand at the seaside, or in the garden at home, but their safety from the sun is always at the forefront of parent’s minds in summer these days.

However, apart from ensuring that sunscreen has been applied, it’s a good idea to provide shade when they are resting, or having a spot of lunch.

The SPF50+ lightweight Compact Beach Shelter from ASPACE, the well-known children’s furniture and accessory company, is designed to protect children from the sun’s rays. Priced at £29.50.

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Oakmasters’ Novel New Idea For Barbecue Parties

Oakmasters’Novel New Idea For Barbecue Parties

The Oakmasters’ Grill House is an innovative new idea for barbecue parties.

Seating up to 14 diners on sheepskin covered oak benches, around a central custom made barbecue grill, these garden barbecue buildings offer novel and luxurious entertaining: Each guest is able to cook the meat, fish and vegetables to their own taste, which means no difficult menu planning, baking disasters and last minute stresses, which can be frustrating with most dinner parties! The grill house is made from the finest green oak and offered in 3 sizes with the smallest for 4-6 diners, up to the largest for 12-14 diners. (Pictured here.) The central barbecue grill is mounted beneath a blacksmith’s steel chimney, which efficiently draws the smoke upwards and out through the roof. This relaxing retreat can even be used all year round, thus maximizing the use of the building; expertly designed with large removable windows to allow the breeze through in summer, whilst keeping the chill out in winter.

Supplied in kit form the Grill House can be easily erected on site, either by Oakmasters in England, Wales, and Ireland by region, or your own builder. Prices start from £10,016 + VAT.

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