The Verycook Plancha Grill Is Very Hot, Easy, Pretty And Healthy

Planch Grill1Introducing the Plancha Grill from Verycook. All th rage in France, the Plancha is an outdoor gas grill featuring a choice of 3 cooking surfaces and ten colours.

This new grill makes cooking outdoors much healthier and enjoyable, when compared with the current barbecue’s smoky flare-ups and messy charcoals.

The new Verycook Plancha Grill has gained Rachel Allen’s Searing Seal of Approval. *

Rachel Allen the well known celebrity chef, found the Plancha Grill comparable to a specialist’s griddle and much easier in use than normal barbecues and observed:

You are ready for cooking with just 1 click of the lighter.

The two separate temperature controlled cooking sections, enable you to sear meat fish Etc. on one side, while keeping food hot on the other.

Unlike traditional barbecues, the Plancha grill has a flat plate and raised edges, so that food is easily controlled, with no chance of it dropping over the side, or through onto the gas.

Furthermore, the fat doesn’t remain round the food, but is drained into a drip tray, resulting in much healthier food for your family and friends to enjoy.

You can create scrumptious dishes on the Verycook’s Plancha Grill with fish, seafood, meat, fruit and vegetables.

Plancha Grill 2Features include:

Very hot – Two control knobs manage the two cooking areas individually, to heat the grill surface to 300°C.

Very easy – Switch on the gas with the piezo-lighter and in 3 minutes the griddle is ready for cooking.

Very practical – Created from brushed stainless steel, the Plancha Grill is ideal for use at home to cook for one to twelve people, or you could also take it with you when camping.

The Plancha can be used standalone, or attached to the Verycook kitchen trolley, which has removable side shelves for hanging barbecue tools and extra work-space.

Easily cleaned – Just pour some water or ice onto the Plancha when still hot and the food residue can then be removed easily. In addition, the fat tray can be cleaned in the dishwasher and the coloured panels are also removable for washing if required.

Purchasing choices: Select your colour and then one of the 3 types of cooking surface:

  • Rolled steel – is a metal with excellent heat transfer properties. (£319).
  • Enamelled steel – the enamelling provides a very durable totally smooth non-stick surface, which spreads heat equally over the whole cooking surface. (£379).
  • Stainless steel –is known for its durability and strength and has exceptional resistance to oxidation and moisture. This top quality steel, ensures maximum heat distribution over the whole cooking face and ensures easy maintenance. (£429).

The Plancha Grill and all the accessories are available now, online from the Verycook website.

For more detailed information on the Verycook Plancha Grill, visit the website.

* Rachel Allen recipes are also available on request.

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