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BeefEater Gas Barbecues Are Now Available In The UK

Beefeater Bugg Barbecue

BeefEater Barbecues, an Australian brand leader, are now making their ranges of versatile gas barbecues available in the UK.

There is an assortment of delightfully designed BeefEater barbecues, ready to take Alfresco dining to a new level:

The Amber Bugg with stand featured here, is compact and ideal for providing a barbecue at the beach, on the garden patio or on a balcony. Cooking with the hood open facilitates crisp grilling, or down for delectable roasts.

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The Verycook Plancha Grill Is Very Hot, Easy, Pretty And Healthy

Planch Grill1

Introducing the Plancha Grill from Verycook. All th rage in France, the Plancha is an outdoor gas grill featuring a choice of 3 cooking surfaces and ten colours.

This new grill makes cooking outdoors much healthier and enjoyable, when compared with the current barbecue’s smoky flare-ups and messy charcoals.

The new Verycook Plancha Grill has gained Rachel Allen’s Searing Seal of Approval. *

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Lakeland Introduces An Outdoor Wood Burning Oven

Outdoor Wood Fired Oven

Lakeland has introduced a new outdoor oven made by hand in the UK, which really fires the imagination.

This outdoor oven will manage almost anything your indoor oven does and cooks it very quickly too.

It’s completely insulated with heatproof firebricks that retain the heat where it’s most needed and it can roast, bake, smoke and grill, plus its ability to cook pizza-is second to none.

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Calor ‘s Versatile New Grill-2-Go For Outdoor Living

Calor Gas, a leading UK supplier of LPG -Liquefied Petroleum Gas, has introduced its new Portable Grill-2-Go, with a view to  helping people spend more time outdoors this Spring and Summer, enjoying valuable time with loved ones and friends.

The new transportable Grill-2-Go is the ideal accessory to achieve this goal, as it is a real take it anywhere barbecue, enabling you to enjoy spring weather to the full. The new grill is a 3-in-1 barbecue, which is just the thing to take with you on holidays or day trips and ideal for enthusiasts that love catering outdoors for friends and family,at home or on a day away. The Grill-2-Go is the perfect accessory for cooking on your own patio or out and about, it really is a brilliant outdoor barbecue solution. With 3ways to cook – grill, boil, or sear, it’s a resourceful must for those on the go.

Calor has also drawn up some great outdoor living tips to help you get the season going, which can be seen on their website

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Grenadier Launches The Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven

Grenadier have announced the launch of their new Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven – a modern-day, handmade outdoor oven with oak handles and a hard-wearing glazed finish that will cook faultless pizzas.

Prepared from an exclusive ceramic substance, the Earthfire oven can achieve temperatures over 350 C, necessary to bake pizza and impossible to attain in traditional ovens.

The oven heats up in around 30 minutes and will supply 2 hours of cooking time without refill – making al fresco entertaining trouble free this summer.

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Extensive Range Of Garden Products Online From Garden Mall

Introducing Garden Mall, an increasingly popular UK online garden supplier.

Why not order your requirements for this year’s garden scheme from your home in comfort, rather than having to disrupt your Sunday visiting a garden centre?

With summer on the way our exciting new projects for the garden occupy our minds:

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BeefEater Launches The Innovative BUGG BBQ

BeefEater, the leading Australian specialists in the design of innovative barbecues, have introduced their new BUGG* – a high performance barbecue in readiness for the al fresco season in 2013.

The BUGG BBQ is small in size but advanced in capability, it’s not just intended for use in the garden or on the patio, it’s formed and modified for barbecues on the go, for instance on a picnic, at the beach, camping, or in the park.

This barbecue is compact, strong yet light enough to be taken where you will, without compromise in quality or appearance.

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Cooking With Friends is Fun

 Cooking With Friends is Fun

A Cole Henley Barbecue Table brings together food, friends and fire, to provide an ideal dining situation for casual lunches and long summer evenings.

The Cole Henley Barbecue Table combines the best of British craftsmanship and engineering. offering a very simple and smart way to eat and entertain. Made from iroko wood and brushed steel, the table is available in a choice of a six or eight seater with a central gas-fired barbecue, which allows all present to cook food to their own taste on separately controlled grills. Very little smoke is created while cooking, yet long after the meal is over, there is still enough heat for everyone to relax and enjoy the warmth. Featured here is the 6 Seater Cole Henley Barbecue Table. Also available is a range of accessories, such as table sets and iroko wood grill covers, to enable the grill area to be used as a surface for drinks and tapas. Prices start from £2,600 + VAT for a 6 Seater and £3,100 + VAT for the 8 Seater option.

Lifelong friends Anthony Groves and Justin Hoon, launched Cole Henley in 2007, with the fresh idea that cooking with friends is fun.
Cole Henley provide an exceptional delivery service, which includes their team siting and assembling the table, then giving a tutorial on how to use and maintain it.

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Oakmasters’ Novel New Idea For Barbecue Parties

Oakmasters’Novel New Idea For Barbecue Parties

The Oakmasters’ Grill House is an innovative new idea for barbecue parties.

Seating up to 14 diners on sheepskin covered oak benches, around a central custom made barbecue grill, these garden barbecue buildings offer novel and luxurious entertaining: Each guest is able to cook the meat, fish and vegetables to their own taste, which means no difficult menu planning, baking disasters and last minute stresses, which can be frustrating with most dinner parties! The grill house is made from the finest green oak and offered in 3 sizes with the smallest for 4-6 diners, up to the largest for 12-14 diners. (Pictured here.) The central barbecue grill is mounted beneath a blacksmith’s steel chimney, which efficiently draws the smoke upwards and out through the roof. This relaxing retreat can even be used all year round, thus maximizing the use of the building; expertly designed with large removable windows to allow the breeze through in summer, whilst keeping the chill out in winter.

Supplied in kit form the Grill House can be easily erected on site, either by Oakmasters in England, Wales, and Ireland by region, or your own builder. Prices start from £10,016 + VAT.

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Versatile Outdoor Cabins From Green Stamp

 Summer 2010 Moroccan Pouffes From Bohemia

Most of us enjoy the summer months; relaxing in the garden or enjoying a barbeque with friends there is no better time to enjoy your garden during the summer.

We don’t always get the ideal weather for it though and often what starts as a nice balmy afternoon, can soon get interrupted by gusts of wind or the odd rain shower.

The Barbeque Cabin from Green Stamp allows you to cook in the open air with all the comforts of your home around you without having to spend your afternoon worried as to what the sky is doing:

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