Ted Baker’s New Bespoke Audio Collection Announced.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.27.52Ted Baker Audio has announced a new range of really smart audio products to be launched in stores on June 10th this year.

The new collection has been in development for about three years and Ted hasn’t just  added the product’s name to an existing product, but has built its own, from the ground up.

Ted has worked together with prize-winning acoustic experts, to design products with authentic hi-fi sound.

Each unit in the range has taken its unique name from the British Shipping Forecast.

ROCKALL These fashionable over-ear headphones in our picture, provide outstanding quality hi-fi sound, with a clever foldable construction, tangle-resistant cable and customized superior materials to give a perfect fit. Priced at £179.99.

DOVER are elegant in-ear headphones offering high performance dynamic hi-fi quality combined with Ted’s unique design touch, proficiency in materials and reliable attention to detail, giving a dynamic immersive sound experience. £59.99.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.19.57FASTNET is a fine-looking folding Bluetooth speaker, pictured top, with an integrated mic that enables the user to stream music from their digital piece of equipment and made from top quality technologies and materials to deliver finest, hi quality loudspeaker acoustics. £199.99.

Visit the website (after launch date) for more information and to see the complete Ted baker Audio Collection.

Tel:  (0845) 130 4278

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