New Airstream S200 Wi-Fi Speaker Introduced By Monitor Audio

unnamedMonitor Audio has launched an ultra-compact new Airstream S200 Wi-Fi speaker that offers great sound and beneficial convenience to entertainment in the home.

It’s a brilliant solution to the stereo quandary, as it concentrates the latest connectivity, vigorous amplification and ultra modern digital procedures, within a small speaker design, smaller than the usual one-box speaker, but equipped with the most recent technology, to produce an amazingly large stereo sound from every imaginable audio origin.

The Airstream S200 Wi-Fi speaker is cool, compact, clever and connects with:

Airstream Direct, Apple Airplay, Bluetooth and DLNA on board, the very compact S200 system will distribute astonishing stereo sound from online or stored music libraries via Apple, NAS, PC, and MAC, as well as Windows or Android mobiles.

You can use Bluetooth or Monitor Audio’s own Airstream Direct, while away from a Wi-Fi router to stream files to the S200 with ease.

15549695152_576c55d44d_ziOS devices can be directly connected to the S200 via the USB/charge feed in for playback, charging requirements and uncomplicated Wi-Fi sharing.

For analogue, a profusion of devices can be connected via a 3.5mm stereo jack.

The new Airstream S200 Wi-Fi speaker will be available from October 2014, priced at: £200.

For further information and to browse Monitor Audio’s range of streaming products, go to the website.

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