Marmitek Launches HomePlug AV2 For HD Multimedia Streaming

Image1Would you like to be able to watch TV, or interactive games via the Internet, but don’t have an Internet connection near to your TV?

Now you can, by transforming each outlet plug into an Internet link, with Marmitek’s IPTV PLC 650, which isn’t only a HomePlug solution; it unites the latest sophisticated technologies, to make it the top solution now obtainable in Europe, for distributing HD multimedia streams via your power network.

Homeplug AV2

So far, traditional HomePlug systems have had a bad name, as the technology often seemed inappropriate for HD streams, and in practice the scope was often very limited as well.

Marmitek has never introduced a HomePlug product before for video streaming. However, its HomePlug AV2 has altered this, as this new technology presents a real improvement to the conventional HomePlug solutions and provides top presentation from your HD downloads.


SmartLink is the most recent technology for transferring HD streams over   power networks; it uses the neutral and phase wires, as well as the outlet’s ground wire, which Image2offers considerably better performance and up to fifty % range extension!

Parameterized Quality

This distinguishes between downloads and live streams and ensures that games and videos you’re playing or watching, are not affected by delays due to concurrent downloads.


The IPTV PLC 650 is also fitted with a filter, which filters out noise from chargers, devices, dimmers, CFL lighting, etc., from the mains, maximising the scope of the plugs and ensuring the finest quality.


If your TV belongs to a different phase or group from your router, it’s no problem as the IPTV PLC 650 operates with all of the phases in your home.

Marmitek’s IPTV PLC 650 streams over a Power line Piggyback plug, which means that you save an electrical outlet.

This new product is very simple so that you won’t need IP or network awareness for installation. It can also be expanded to 64 connections.

The IPTV PLC 650 is obtainable now, priced at € 119.95.

For more information about Marmitek’s HomePlug AV2 IPTV PLC 650, go to the website.

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