Vision Security’s Intelligent Lock For The European Market

Vision Security’s Intelligent Z-Wave Wireless Keyless Door Lock,

Vision Security the home security company has launched a Z-Wave wireless door lock for smart homes and businesses. The ZM1702 lock is certified and compatible with the Z-Wave wireless criterion and presents a variety of automated functions.

The Z-Wave Wireless Door Lock

Owners are enabled to lock and unlock the door wirelessly, from an alarm panel, PC, smart phone or tablet. The lock also has a keypad panel for inputing precise access codes that can be inserted even remotely.

In addition to improved security, the security door lock allows owners practical setting options including:

The ability to set short-term access codes for a definite time, day of the week, or a specified period of time, including via the Internet from anywhere.

For instance, if tradesmen are expected in the afternoon in the absence of the resident, they can enter the house using a code previously programmed for them by the owner.

The home owner can remove the special code when the workers have gone, leaving the house secure once more.

Up to fifteen access codes can be set to suit specific requirements.

Also, every attempt to open the door, whether successful or not, is logged and accessible for viewing on your PC.

This new door lock, which is secure, yet can be managed by mobile devices, is suitable for both private homes, businesses or establishments for whom security and extra flexibility are important.

In addition to this automated door lock, there are over 650 Z-Wave wireless standard products, approved for integration into a home smart system.

There is no need to make any special adaptation to doors to install this door lock, as it fits any standard door, 38 millimetres or more in width and opening either to the left or right.

Also available, is a lock fitted with an external lever and a cylinder lock that can be locked from the outside with keys. It is locked from the interior with a rotary knob.

For further information on Vision Security’s Intelligent Z-Wave wireless door lock, please visit the website.


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