The New Micassa Verdi VistaCam From Vesternet

The new Micasaverde VistaCam is a small reliable Indoor IP security camera, which supports both wireless and wired installation.

Although its compact in size the VistaCam offers exceptional video quality, plus VGA resolution at 30 frames-per-second and either M-JPEG or MPEG4 compression, making it ideal for video observation.

  • The VistaCam can be operated with Vestenet’s Vera Lite or Vera3 controllers, to provide a complete security solution, including functions like alarm notifications, motion detection, email alerts and video streaming live to your Smart-phone.
  • The video can also be recorded and stored for examination later, or produced as evidence of criminal activity.
  • The reasonably priced VistaCam is simple to install and provides all of the features users may require.

What makes this camera exceptional is its capability to record video streams direct to the Micasaverde’s servers thus giving you recorded evidence of every activity in the home, such as, confirmation that your kids are safely at home, or evidence in the event that your home is broken into. Priced at £105.

About Vesternet
Founded in 2008 by David Bell entrepreneur and technology expert. He later recognised the huge potential of ZigBee technology in home automation.
He added Z-Wave products to his range soon after launch and Vesternet became known as the UK’s leading Wireless Home Automation and Z-Wave supplier.

Vesternet’s team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff are available and pleased to answer any consumer’;s questions.
For more information and to see the Vesternet ranges of home security cameras and Z-Wave home automation products, go to the website.

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