QMotion UK’s Automated Blinds Offer Shade Convenience

350551_num908900QMotion UK’s collection of automated blinds are an ingenious wire free way to add smart home technology to your home.

Control cords or wires aren’t needed and you can fit a complete automated blind unit without an electrician.

The system is simply operated with a smart remote that can be fitted on a wall-mounted plate, or by using the iOS or Android-phone Apps.

The QMotion App or remote can operate single or more blinds and offers a much safer alternative to cord wire powered blinds.

Motorisation removes the risk of looped and cord operating systems, thus improving safety for  vulnerable adults as well as children.

So now you can have motorised blinds without having to chase out walls, or fit unsightly conduits to conceal the wiring.

These are the first blinds that can be used manually or by remote, due to the tug feature, which permits the blinds to be opened or lowered with a little tug.

Smart features such as the sleep time of the shade’s built in radio (RF) receiver, makes sure that the life of standard batteries exceeds 5 years of operation.

There are over 400 beautiful materials and colours to choose from, including light filtering, decorative and attractive blackout fabrics.

Alternatively you can provide your own choice of fabric for use in the manufacture of the blind.You can also have a favourite image or photo printed on to the material, to add your personal touch to an interior plan.
Priced including fabric from £674.00.

For further information and to browse QMotion UK’s collection of automated blinds, visit the website.

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